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Mountain Biking

This is no Sunday morning ride in the park. You hurl yourself & bike down the mountain, over rocks, bumps, streams and the guy who just fell down, while taking the time to enjoy the beautiful Himalayan forest. On the bright side, you won’t have to pedal back up!! It’s never too late to bea kid again. Your Mountain Biking Adventure will begin with a quick drive to the top, your starting point. We’ll introduce you to your bike, selected based on your height and ability, and let the two of you get to know each other, while your instructor observes your riding style and dishes out a few helpful tips. Your bike is a top-notch hardtail mountain bike with front suspension and disc brakes. Then it’s time for the protective gear in which you’ll be strapped with more body armor than a riot cop. We will ride in group formation, with your instructor in front and our support vehicle at the rear. The trail starts off as a gradual slope to give you time to adjust, and before you can scream, the fun starts. Don’t worry, we’ll adjust the pace and ‘scare-level’ of your ride to suit your preference and skill. The Mountain Biking Adventure is a great way to get out and experience the outdoors with all the excitement of Need for Speed on espresso. We also offer courses for Professional Instructors. The Professional Mountain Bike Instructor (PMBI) Certification courses are designed to train you in modern mountain bike riding theory, skills and techniques and then how to safely and effectively teach these to clients – regardless of the mountain bike discipline. They are a result of years of experience in mountain biking & studying the physics and biomechanics involved within the sport.

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