• Start date
    04-03-2024 0:00
  • End date
    31-03-2024 0:00
  • Age
    18-45 yrs
  • Total Course Day
    28 Days

Advance Mountaineering Course (AMC) (Duration – 28 days)

• Recognized by Indian Mountaineering Foundation, New Delhi
• Indian Himalayan Centre For Adventure & Eco-Tourism Certified valid for pursuit in any other mountaineering campaign.

Activities include :
For the more adventurous, peaks of the Himalayas challenge the very rules of survival. With an average altitude of 18000 ft. and above, IHCAE Sikkim, welcomes you to a world of snow, jungles & Nature. AMC trains the trainees for becoming smart leaders and expedition members. It seeks to inspire a generation of climbers. This course is not for the feeble minded, they are vindicated of all charges. It is for the ones who want to put their endurance to test. One is eligible for an AMC only if he/she had got an ‘A’ Grade in Basic Mountaineering Course from any of the recognized mountaineering institutes. It covers advanced techniques of rock craft and ice craft & focuses on expedition planning and execution. The syllabus is precise. It seeks to sharpen the skills of a climbing enthusiast. Both theoretical and practical classes are taught by employing slide shows, white boards, audio visuals & other assessment techniques. It teaches the use of various mountain equipments which comes in handy in search & rescue missions.

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Telephone with address and next of kin, Parent/Guardian (in the event of an accident).

The proof of identity must be certified by Sub-Divisional Magistrate or a Gazetted Officer.

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Consent and Statements

  • I have read the rules and regulations of Indian Himalayan Centre for Adventure and Eco-Tourism (IHCAE), Sikkim relating to the courses of training in Mountaineering/Adventure/Search & Rescue/ Method of Instruction/ Guide/Skiing and have fully understood the meaning and significance of the same. The above entries have been made by me and they are true and correct. I also declare that I have not attended the same course earlier/ and not applying for the repetition of the course.
  • I hereby certify that all the entries are correct in every respect. In case of deaths, accident or injury of any form, the Institute or any of its staff will not be held in any manner wholly or partially responsible.
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  • Course / group name
    Advance Mountaineering Course (AMC) / 8th AMC
  • Location
    North Sikkim

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