A Basic Mountaineering Course typically covers fundamental skills for safe climbing in the mountains. This may include techniques for rock craft, ice craft, navigation, rope management, and risk management.

Advanced Mountaineering Course: theoretical and practical classes with audiovisuals, covering technical terrain, rope techniques, glacier travel, expedition planning, and equipment for search and rescue.

Paragliding courses teach essential skills for safe and efficient flight, including launching, controlling, and landing the paraglider. They also cover weather, aerodynamics, and safety procedures.

Mountain biking involves riding off-road trails on a specially designed bike. It requires technical skills such as balance, handling, and maneuvering over obstacles, as well as fitness and endurance.

Skiing involves sliding down snow-covered terrain on skis. It requires technical skills for efficient turning and stopping, as well as balance and coordination. Different types include alpine, cross-country, and freestyle skiing.

Sport Climbing courses teach fundamental skills for climbing artificial routes with pre-placed bolts for protection. This may include techniques for rope management, knot tying, belaying, lead climbing, and risk management.